AIR DDS | a United States 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit  Dental Professional Society Advancing Dental Sciences & Better Patient Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence Robotics & Digital Dentistry Society

Why Air DDS ?

            At AIR-DDS, we set the bar higher-

As we developed our Model for Artificial Intelligence [ AI ] Robotics and Digital Dentistry Society [ A I R D D S ]  we knew we needed to set the bar higher.

Like non-other,  we are the only AI model that can be right there by your side with your patients.  In accordance with our United States 501 (C) 3 Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation we are a Professional Dental Organization Educating Dentists in Advancements in Dental Sciences latest Improving Patient Health, and Setting Standards to Increase Better Outcomes in Patient Health.

Air-DDS Model for Success

Through our comprehensive professional development course Series 1 through IV and our Professional Diplomate Track, we build dentists’ background knowledge in the core components of AI. Our AIR DDS have combined far greater than a hundred years of Private Practice Dentistry, Educating Attendees with our advanced AI training and case studies performed in our private practices. As a 501(c)3 Nonprofit, our focus is educating the dental profession with advances in Dental Science, as a crucial element in our Articles of Incorporation. AI Robotic and Digital Dentistry are greatly advanced dental sciences that in educational courses and implementations in our private practices all tested successfully [AIR-DDS] at every step of full-cycle [workflow] which we developed as the core of our AIR-DDS model.  We help dentists understand the science of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics and Digital Dentistry. We use tried and truly successful cases which will be presented in our courses. As a non-profit we conform to safety, health, and use our core values in course development and implementation. Our knowledge-base is comprised of years of AI practical applications performed in our private dental practice consists of effective, evidenced-based practices, and data-driven instruction to succeed. Through mentoring and embedded coaching, we support the translation of this knowledge into targeted instruction, guidance, oversight and support. WE are the only professional AI Robotics and Digital Dentistry professional development organizations with this rare capability nationwide.

Some Reasons Why Our Model is a Step-Above—

                  —We Truly Set the Bar Higher for Your Confidence &  Better Outcomes 

  • Our Model is Taught by World Renowned AI Instructors
  • We are Private Practice Dentists— 
  • We take you though our integrated model in Robotics & Digital Dentistry.
  • Courses are Personalized & Step-by-Step
  • Learn our Integrated Approach to Digital Dentistry
  • Learn our Integrated Approach in applying AI to Clinical Situations
  • Learn our Integrated Approach to Static & Robotic-Assisted Implant Surgery
  • Learn our Integrated Approach to Static & Robotic-Assisted Prosthodontics
  • With our Series of Courses you will perform safer, less-invasive, better & more quantifiable care
  • You can become a Member of AI Robotic & Digital Dentistry Society
  • You can become a Master of AI Robotic & Digital Dentistry Society
  • You can become a Fellow of AI Robotic & Digital Dentistry Society
  • You can become a Diplomate of AI Robotic & Digital Dentistry Society
  • After courses end, we figuratively don't close our doors— 
  • We offer guidance & oversight with you Treating your Patient 
  • We offer email and phone support 
    — We created this Integrated Approach because a complex patient in your chair is like a lone ship lost in the dark
         We open avenues that can be the sole separation between panic and YOU being a bombshell of success!

Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community ®