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Dues Rates are 5% of the Membership 1 stated fee.

Membership year is January 1 to December 31 following the first 12 months of Membership and there forward prorated beginning  July 1 for the remainder of the year. Prorated members are invoiced for the full dues amount for the second membership year. 

Prior to Prerequisites for Membership I and II as stated, the fees are as follows:

General Member    10% of Membership I
Recent* Graduate   5% of Membership I    (under 2 years)
Student/Resident    5% of Membership I
Military                      2% of Membership I


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AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry Society Core Values


Integrity in the dental profession plays an important role, especially in the world of treating patients. Our goal is to not only meet the expectations of the professional dental industry, but to set a standard of integrity that will serve as an example to others within our profession.


Our AIR DDS members maintain professional standards including complete devotion to patients, dental professionals and colleagues.  We are Dentists with over a hundred years of treating patients and becoming experts in what we pass on to our course attendees, members, and Society tracks for Masters, Fellows and Diplomates.  We hope you continue to choose us to add to your knowledge base and clinical applications in Artificial Intelligence in Robotics and Digital Dentistry. Our intentions include AI techniques necessary to expand your treatments with AI's safer, precise science of better diagnosis, treatment planning and healthier, safer, significantly less invasive treatments. We honor all of you for your knowledge and contributions to the world and are grateful for your interest in our society of advancing dental sciences and better and healthier outcomes for patients.


Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community ®

AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry

Society Mission


To improve the overall health and dignity of every human.

Working with global interdisciplinary and scientific experts to educate health care professionals with advances in scientific, evidence-based technologies, to apply gained precision and excellence to foster safer and better patent diagnosis, treatment and surgical outcomes and address unmet health care needs wherever possible.

AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry

Society Vision 

That no one suffers, dies or is limited by Dental - Medical anatomical differences, conditions,  diseases  or inequities that could have been diagnosed, treated, restored or prevented.

AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry

Society Purpose      

This society’s purpose is to promote best practices, diagnoses, treatment protocols, innovative surgical technologies and continuing education for dental and medical professionals that includes advances in evidence-based sciences that improve precision, safety and greater outcomes for the betterment of every human to achieve their full potential, without being defined or limited by dental medical anatomical differences, conditions, diseases or inequities. -It is only humane.

Membership, Mastership, Fellowship

& Diplomates Inquiries

of AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry Society 

As with any profession that deals with human rights and liberties, dentists have a responsibility to their patients and communities in which they practice.

Much like the Hippocratic Oath, the code of Dental Ethics created by the American Dental Association (ADA) serves as a standard to which all dental professionals are expected to adhere.

It states that each member of the dental profession is responsible for “maintaining and enriching” the dental profession.

It is important that “each member choose to meet” the obligations of the dental profession “according to the dictates of personal conscience based on the needs of the general public.”


Within the code of conduct developed by the ADA (found here:



We strive to expand on our AI model of Robotics and Digital Dentistry, by developing courses, series and services that will significantly impact dentists .

We aim to continue contributing to society in general, working with dentists in practices of  sizes, to solve real problems with real solutions that really work. At AIR-DDS, we educate dentists in the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence [ AI ] Robotics and Digital Dentistry [ AIR DDS ]—

—we pass on our integrated approach for better and more quantifiable treatments helping people get back lost dignity by restoring their missing teeth & improving their health & quality of life;

All of our courses are developed with first-hand evidence-based cases we can proudly call 100% successful.

At AI Robotics & Digital Dentistry Society, we take membership seriously and with the promise of adhering the five fundamental principles that serve as the codes foundation:

Patient Autonomy;

Justice, and;



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Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community ®