AIR DDS | a United States 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit  Dental Professional Society Advancing Dental Sciences & Better Patient Outcomes

Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

Our Vision

That no one suffers, dies or is limited by

Dental - Medical conditions, diseases or inequities

that could have been prevented.

We are on a mission to educate and motivate dentists and entire dental profession

to help more patients from the torment of indignity and health problems with missing teeth.

As a kid, tooth loss meant a financial reward!  As an adult, tooth loss is disastrous...

Because diseases and Conditions of the mouth don't always stay just in the mouth

It tosses aside one's dignity, leads to jaw bone loss & face caving in; on top of the inability to eat well & a host of diseases, conditions & early death.  

As we developed a Model, we knew we needed to set the bar higher.

Like non-other,  we are the only AI model that can be right there by your side with your patients.

We strive to educate dentists in latest advancements in AI

to help people get back lost dignity restoring missing teeth & improving their health & quality of life.

Because no one should suffer or die from a disease or Condition that could have been prevented.


Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®