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Why We Are Here



To improve the overall health and dignity of every human

                                                      —It is only humane.

Working with global interdisciplinary and scientific experts to educate health care professionals with advances in scientific, evidence-based technologies, to apply gained precision and excellence to foster safer and better patient diagnosis, treatment and surgical outcomes and address unmet health care needs wherever possible.


That no one suffers, dies or is limited by Dental or Medical 

conditions,  diseases  or inequities  that could have been prevented.

Our Purpose:

To motivate dentists to help more patients from the torment of indignity and health problems with losing teeth.

As a kid, tooth loss meant a financial reward!  

As an adult, tooth loss is disastrous...

Because diseases and Conditions of the mouth don't always stay just in the mouth—

It tosses aside your dignity, leads to jaw bone loss & your face caving in; on top of the inability to eat well, a host of diseases & early death.

As we developed a Model, we knew we needed to set the bar higher.

Like non-other,  we are the only AI model that can be right there by your side with your patients.

We strive to educate dentists in latest advancements in AI—

—to help people get back lost dignity restoring missing teeth & improving their health & quality of life.

Because no one should suffer or die from a disease or Condition that could have been prevented.


We teach world-changing Artificial Intelligence [ AI ] Robotics and Digital Dentistry Full-Cycle [ Workflow ] Step-by-Step, with advances in dentistry evidence-based science and technology that are safer, less invasive, highest precision for health and Safety as we educate our colleagues here in the United States and abroad and to improve the life of every person on the planet.

We are inspired to:

  • Drive innovation that makes the world safer, builds healthy and vibrant communities, and increases productivity.
  • Harness our reach around the globe to better society, business, and the planet.
  • Push ourselves and our industry peers to be more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable.

We have big ambitions, and a growing sense of urgency to work with others and address world challenges no one can tackle alone.

After teeth are all extracted, the jaws begin to shrink.

  • The body now considers the bone in the jaws to be useless, and it takes those minerals for use elsewhere.
  • Over a period of ten+ years, a condition called Facial Collapse occurs.
  • Degenerative dental disease is the most important factor in causing the the look of aging – the convex, sunken face caused by the grinding and wearing down of teeth and loss of jaw bone after loss of teeth.
  • The mouth, gums, teeth and jaw bones affect many of the body’s systems, including the immune system, nutrition, and circulatory system.
  • Gum disease is particularly damaging and is linked to heart disease, immune deficiency, dangerous inflammation, low birth weights, and a symbiotic relationship with diabetes. Improper occlusion can impede nutrition by limiting diet or cause incomplete chewing; the first step in digestion.
  • Poor occlusion can also cause jaw joint  pain, TMJ, TMJD, Sleep Apnea or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which can lead to death.


If You’re Missing All Your Teeth
When you’re missing all your teeth, the only way to restore most of your mouth function is with dental implants.

In the past, removable full dentures were considered an adequate solution, because it’s the best we could do. The problems with removable dentures are:

  • They can’t restore even 25 percent of your eating efficiency.
  • They move around in your mouth, often creating sore spots and difficulty eating and speaking.
  • When teeth are missing, the body senses that and begins to absorb the minerals in the bone for use elsewhere in the body.
  • This results in a condition called facial collapse.
  • The entire lower face, from the nose to the chin, is shorter. The lips are sunken in, and facial lines are accentuated.

After a number of years, people who have lost all their teeth will become dental cripples – unable to eat, self-conscious, unable to retain a conventional denture because their jaws have shrunk and there is nothing for the denture to rest on.

Until now...

Air-DDS Model for Success

Through our comprehensive professional development course Series 1 through IV and our Professional Diplomate Track, we build dentists’ background knowledge in the core components of AI. Our AIR DDS have combined far greater that a hundred years of Private Practice Dentistry, Educating Attendees with our advanced AI training and case studies performed in our private practices. As a 501(c)3 Nonprofit, our focus is educating the dental profession with advances in Dental Science, as a crucial element in our Articles of Incorporation. AI Robotic and Digital Dentistry are greatly advanced dental sciences that in educational courses and implementations in our private practices all tested successfully [AIR-DDS] at every step of full-cycle [workflow] earning b which is what we developed as the core of our AIR-DDS model.  y helping thousands of dentists understand the science of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics and Digital Dentistry. We use tried and truly successful cases which will be presented in our courses. As a non-profit we conform to safety, health, and use our core values in course development and implementation. Our knowledge-base is comprised of years of AI practical applications performed in our private dental practice consists of effective, evidenced-based practices, and data-driven instruction to succeed. Through mentoring and embedded coaching, we support the translation of this knowledge into targeted instruction, guidance, oversight and support. WE are the only professional AI Robotics and Digital Dentistry professional development organizations with this rare capability nationwide.


Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community ®