AIR DDS | a United States 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit  Dental Professional Society Advancing Dental Sciences & Better Patient Outcomes


Our Privacy Commitments


Earning people’s trust starts with a commitment to privacy and security. Our view is simple: we use the data entrusted to us to benefit dentists help their patients as a primary goal and to help the dental profession and dental industry thrive.

We know you expect convenience, security, and privacy. To meet your expectations, we make the following privacy commitments to you:

  • AIR DDS does not sell your personal information. Our privacy is global and defines how we share information, such as when we receive website submission forms and process payments with your consent.

  • We only use personal information for defined, appropriate purposes. In addition to operating one of the leading dental educators in artificial intelligence robotics and digital dentistry, we provide continuing education, mentorship, guidance, support, loyalty, membership and partnership services. We also create videos and webinars that give our dental partners insights into helping their patients; all of what we do, we de-identify to protect privacy.

  • We adhere to the highest legal standards everywhere we operate. We are subject to virtually every privacy and security law, and we understand that we must comply with all of them.

  • Our commitments are backed by rigorous assessments. Our privacy commitment is built on a comprehensive controls framework to support internal and independent testing as we strive to protect all personal information.